Saturday, October 15, 2011

Framing starts today!

The Basement has been poured and also the slab and foundation are in place.
And Now is the time framing....
I went by the lot yesterday and the lumber was being delivered . I am really excited ......
I will post pictures when I drive by there tomorrow.


  1. I know I have been slacking at keeping up with the blogs, but you should have some good updates by now...the Waverly is pretty close in size to the Avalon so your framing should just about be completed by now...keep us posted on the progress...Good Luck!!!

  2. Anxiously waiting to see pictures and to read more about your progress.

  3. How is it going? I'm guessing you've moved in now - would love to see some updates!

  4. Hi, any updates on your new Waverly?
    Thanks, Mike