Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Building a Waverly

We have recently moved to Richmond and have been looking around to find a new home and finally on June 25th 2011 decided that we wanted to build a Ryan Waverly.
I had been looking at the other blogs and tried to read the blogs of other people building Ryan homes.
So I want to start this blog by thanking all the fellow bloggers for the blogs and pictures that helped us select the options we wanted for our house without getting crazy.


  1. Congratulations and Welcome to the Ryan Homes Blogging eFamily. Enjoy the process and feel free to ask questions, share ideas and problems, and vent...we look forward to sharing your excitement!!! We are building an Avalon, but the Waverly is one of our favorites too!!!

  2. Welcome! :) Look forward to reading and seeing your updates!

  3. Welcome to the club, Enna. I'm glad you have decided to join us in blogging your experiences.

  4. Congratulations and welcome to the blogging world.

  5. Welcome to the Ryan E-neighborhood! =)

    Congrats on you house!! I actually grew up in Fredericksburg! lol

    I'm looking forward to following. Don't hesitate to ask questions, share the good and the bad. We're here for you!

    Happy Blogging!

  6. Thanks Guys...

    Now I am just waiting for the construction to start.

    We are thinking of getting a Back Wet Bar in the basement with granite countertops.Our Sales rep told us that it is a new option for Waverly so we didnt have any pictures to see how it would look like.Did any of you guys think about getting a Wet Bar in the basement ??

  7. I really wanted to get a wet bar in the basement, but we had added so many upgrades that we did not end up getting it. I think that it would really be cool to entertain with. We plan to install one in our home at some point in time.

  8. Enna....we have added the new Wet Bar option. I have some pictures of what it would look like from a new Ravenna model. At the bottom of this post there are 3 pictures of it


    The beverage center model that they included initially with ours is really bad...not even close to what they have in the models...more like a college door refrigerator. In this link I have a link to the beverage center we changed to which is what they have in the model home in our development


    I also added a post showing pictures of the wet bar in the new Bainbridge Hall model in our development


    Hope this helps...

  9. Thanks BD ,this really helps.The Bar looks great and so does the Beverage Center.

    I am gonna confirm with our Sales Rep if this is the Bar we will be getting with Waverly as well.Initially she told us that we will be getting a dish washer and garbage disposal in the Bar area too but now she says that we will just get a Beverage Center : ( thats why we decided just to get the Back bar and if we need it later complete the Bar with a dishwasher.

    I love our sales rep ,she is nice but she represents Ryan and not us ....

  10. Enna,

    Welcome to Richmond, We are also talking with RH for Waverly model in Martin's Ridge Community. So far we are in the negotiating process. We would love to watch your home progressing from lot to dream come true

  11. That's great BSV.Let me know if you have any questions.

    What lot are you looking at?? RH told us that they dont have any more lots in phase 1 that can hold Waverly...

  12. When I spoke to them last week, They had 9,10,22,23,24. Except for 22, everything else will have front garage. We drove around the lot yesterday and found home of the month specical in one of the lots. Not sure why they mentioned like that.

  13. Hey BSV, I"ll be really be curious and careful before choosing that 'home of the month '- lot why are they pushing one lot...when they have so many other available

  14. hey BSV ,did you all decide on a house in Martin's Ridge??

  15. Hey BSV,

    Hope your home search is going well. Wanted to check if you all decided on the Martin's Ridge and also if you have any questions email me or if you want to talk we can share phone numbers.

    We are on lot A3 , hopefully we will have the trees cleared out this week.

  16. Enna,

    Congratulations on your recent closing. Ryan homes and us couldn't come to an agreement so we put house hunt on hold for while. With all things that were happening around, I totally forgot your blog and I was off track for a while. We are again thinking of considering Ryan Homes. Our realtor told us that they currently running some good incentives. We will check back with them and let you know if we decide on anything.

  17. We have decided on the location and I will soon start the experience sharing. You can follow it on http://nammawaverly.blogspot.com/...