Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wet Bar in the Basement or not??

We are thinking of getting a Back Wet bar in the basement.Since it is a new option for Waverly and the Model near us didnt have basement and Wet bar, not sure how it would look like.

The  diagram that the sales rep gave us doesnt help much and yes a diagram LOL...


  1. This was not on option for us. BD maybe able to give you some insight on this for you. We can't think of any other blogger that put one in. Are you able to scan the diagram and share it as a picture on your blog?

  2. I think wet bars in basements are cool! Very nice add. Good for resale later. But that's just me. Of course, I live where if you have a basement at all, you've got it "going on" as an unfinished one costs almost $30,000. lol

    I think it's a personal choice. Would you like to have a bar in the basement for refreshments and entertaining? Or would you rather have the space for something else?

    BD does have one in his Avalon basement. Hopefully he can have some advice. GL!

  3. HD, I will scan the diagram tonight and post it.

    Noey , I agree with you our older house in TN didnt have a basement either, so although I am afraid of basements flooding and all those issues but I still want it.We are thinking of having a Back bar which will help with entertaining and will not take up whole lot of space either. I will post the diagrams tonight.

  4. I have a full wet bar, we love it <3 we entertain a lot!

  5. The new version of the wet bar is really nice...they all seem to be similar from model to model. The size seems to vary a little but not that much. We have a pretty big column right at the end of the bar...our PM has done a FANTASTIC custom job incorporating the column into the have a lot of ability to make it like you want...we went with the cabinet design they had, but picked the style of cabinets and color...we picked the granite color, beverage center and tile for the floor. You could also go with carpet instead of tile. We have pendant lights over the bar, but you could do just about anything you wanted there. It is also a full size sink. Because of the distance from the sewer iine, they have a tank under the sink with a pump to purge it...that was a custom add by the PM after we were under charge. We also added under cabinet lighting. I have been waiting for the pendant lights to get installed before taking more pictures, but there is at least one of the back bar with the sink, glass upper cabinets, and wine rack with wine glass hanger below on our blog.