Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did anyone get the Composite Deck made from Ryan homes?

Our lot has  too many trees and we recently found out that Ryan homes just clears only 20-25 feet of trees from the morning room but if you get a deck made from them they clear the trees from the deck.

Our Sales person didnt mention this when we choose not to get the deck made from them ,that means for additional clearing we"ll have to pay ourselves : (

I wish the rep had told us this clearly when we were making our selection. I am gonna try talking to her again and see if they can still clear from the place after the deck...
Any ideas or suggestions??


  1. Ok, I want to make sure I'm understanding this because my sister is paying a whole of lot of money to have them clear a total of 40 feet behind their house. They opted for a patio vs. deck to save money to do this.

    Are you saying you don't have to pay extra for the deck if they use the trees they clear to make your deck?

  2. Noey, We will have to pay both for getting the trees cleared and also getting the Deck made.

    If we had gotten the deck made from Ryan homes they would have cleared the lot 20-25 feet from the deck , now they will do it from the morning room . And we will have to pay for getting the lot cleared which is gonna be much more expensive......

  3. We didn't choose a deck or patio...this is something that we plan to add ourselves later. And yes, there are a few trees that we may have to remove, but we knew this going in because our Sales Rep. and the PM met with us on the property and explained to us which trees would go and which trees would stay. They only removed the trees that were necessary to build the house.

    Don't give up so quickly. Talk to the Sales Rep. You will be surprised what they will do for you if you just push back a little.

    Do you want RH to add the deck or do you just want them to clear out the trees so you can add the deck later?

    Let us know what you decide to do and how it goes.

  4. We just want RH to clear the trees and we can add a deck ourselves

  5. Trees? What are those? We have not one tree on our lot and RH does not include any with the standard landscape package...later on they will come back and put in street trees between the sidewalk and street, but based on what we have seen this doesn't happen very quickly. We are going to do the entire landscape ourselves and will add 3 or 4 trees...maybe you guys could send us some...

    We did not have an option of adding a deck...surprising because the model home has one, but I don't think we would have done it anyway...we are leaning more towards a stamped concrete patio...will be a next spring project.

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